Posted 04/22/2016

Which is the Best Real Estate Company to Work For?

Which is the Best Real Estate Company to Work For?

Here's a short list of some of the most common questions real estate agents ask especially if they're new to the real estate industry or are in the process of looking for another real estate company to work with:

  1. Which is the best real estate company to work for?
  2. Which real estate company has the best training?
  3. Which real estate company offers the best commission split?
  4. Which real estate company accepts part-time real estate agents?

The above questions prompted us to create Join a Broker, a real estate recruiting website designed to help real estate agents easily find and compare real estate companies to work with. 

With today's technological advances and fast-changing real estate market, real estate recruiting is more competitive and expensive than ever. We aim to reduce the costs of real estate recruiting by building a single portal where agents can go and easily find real estate recruiters by location.

Do Not Focus on Commission Splits Alone

Many real estate companies offer aggressive commission splits but focusing solely on commission splits can be a costly mistake. If you're an agent looking for a real estate company to work with, here are just some of the few things you should consider before joining a real estate brokerage:

  1. Is it a reputable real estate firm?
  2. Is the company offering professional business facilities for you and your clients?
  3. Is training available?
  4. What level of support are they providing?
  5. Can the firm help you generate more business?

Join a Broker is a free service that can help you find and compare real estate companies hiring real estate agents in your area. You can help us help other agents by spreading the word about

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