Posted 05/28/2017

Recruit Real Estate Agents for $1

Recruit Real Estate Agents for $1

Real estate recruiting can be expensive. Some of the common strategies brokers use to recruit real estate agents include pay-per-click, online job boards, local classifieds, social media and others. 

Join a Broker is created to offer an affordable and effective solution for brokers who need to run a "long term" real estate recruiting campaign. The keyword here is "long term recruiting".

We Help Agents Find a Broker to Work With

Our goal is to become one of the go-to websites for real estate agents when it's time for them to move or join a real estate brokerage. Our site makes it easier for agents to find real estate brokers by location. They can easily compare what brokers have to offer including the type of support they provide, commission splits and more. 

Since real estate agents will compare you with your competitors, it is extremely important to have a detailed and compelling profile. As a member, we strongly encourage you to have a business logo, a well-written description of your business, the types of support you offer, a link to your website, etc. 

We also encourage you to post job listings, videos and other relevant content. Our site is well-optimized for search engines and your content can help you attract more recruits.

Why Real Estate Recruiters Need to Join Us

Here are just some of the few reasons why:

  • Our platform is designed for long term real estate recruiting
  • We offer an insanely affordable and simple Pricing
  • You get direct inquiries from potential recruits
  • Drive traffic to your own website and social media pages
  • Promote your recruiting events (e.g., career nights)
  • Emphasize why real estate agents should join your firm
  • Create a compelling business profile and more!

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